January 19, 2014  (Conference Championship Games)

San Francisco 49ers 17 @ Seattle Seahawks 23

The Niners were off to a good start recovering a fumble on the first play of the game setting them up in field goal range for a 25 yard Phil Dawson field goal and the only score of the first quarter.   The Niners kept the their feet moving into the second half when Anthony Dixon jumped over the line and into the End Zone to make it 10-0.  Then came the Seahawks who tied up the game at 10 early in the second half off a 40 yard Marshawn Lynch touchdown run.  The 4th quarter was a disappointment for the Niners and their fans.  Their defense allowed the Seahawks to take the lead early in the quarter while the offense had 3 drives in the quarter and 3 turnovers (1 fumble, 2 interceptions).  The final interception was the nail in the Niner’s season coffin.

Written by Travis R. Koonze

New England Patriots 16 @ Denver Broncos 26