Tone Fosho

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Tone Fosho is not new to music industry, or the ways of the entertainment world. In his recent endeavor he has embarked on a mission to spread the word from coast to coast by way of all things news, sports and talk radio in general. Known as the “The Man With A Plan and The Voice to Say It!”
Tone Fosho was born and raised in San Francisco, California. After attending Serra High-school in San Mateo, California Tone set forth on a mission in the Bay Area Rave Scene. Throughout his exploits over the next 15 years he made many connections with today’s top house DJ’s. Artists such The Legendary DJ Dan, Old Skool Kings of House Music such as Gene Hunt, and Gene Ferris both of which hail out of “The Home of House Music” Chicago, Illinois. Bay Area Greats such as Frank Nitty, and Carlos Alfonso.

As far as the Rave Scene and all things underground Tone Fosho is definitely a legend already. But now he is attempting to defy the odds and switch it up by breaking new ground and going all legit showcasing his vocal talents and vast knowledge of the world by way of talk radio. So for now tune in from 3 pm to 6 pm Wednesdays for the Sports Room to catch this hot new voice that’s on the move. Also follow him on twitter @sirfosho!!!!