The Next Level

The Next Level, Executive producer with an ethnic mixture of Filipino and Fiji-Indian. Descendant was born in Daly City, Grew up in Gilroy and resides in Union City. As I grew up I was heavily influence with Hip-hop R&B and Rap music. I started writing music at the age of 14 and performing and local clubs like Gas Lighter, Krazy Kayote, Chips-N-Salsa, Juice Zone and family parties. From there on out my passion became more deeper and I started learning different techniques in music and entertainment. I have been freestyling, b-boying and studied the art of graffiti during my childhood years. I learned to DJ and adapt to various styles and ways to make my music unique and to stand out from the rest. I worked for clear channel and several public access tv stations which boosted my skills to The Next Level. I am the owner of International Entertainment Incorporated which has released several cds/albums. With a professional recording studio in music, movies, editing, production, ext. clients have the opportunity to exercise their skills to its fullest potential. The studio facility is a workshop/institution to learn, teach and grow with others. I am on a mission for my mass communications degree and ready to take my business to the next level.