Hey. I’m 1, but you can call me Baby Cakes. Or Cuddly Bear. I’m actually really not really into nicknames or DJ monikers, so just Matt is fine. I’m the new director of Alternative/Indie/Punk here at KCRH. I don’t know if I’m allowed to say this, but in the four semesters I’ve been at Chabot, I’ve always felt like the school’s radio station was really suffering in those areas. The sparse instances that I would hear rock music played, it was always just really mainstream stuff that you could easily find on any other station. Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but that’s not what college radio is supposed to be about. College radio is supposed to be an escape; a break from the mainstream. It is supposed to be a free, diverse space to find cool new artists, and stuff you haven’t heard from artists you already know. And those are my exact two goals: Start rotating songs you don’t know from artists you already know well, as well as cool stuff from artists you’re definitely going to want to get familiar with.

Now a little about me: I’m 23 at the time of writing this, and my major is Radio & TV Broadcasting, although I generally tell people that my major is Mass Communications because it’s more widely recognizable. My first step into the world of Alternative music was in elementary school when my sister’s boyfriend-at-the-time burned me a copy of a bootleg Green Day concert. Since that day I have been super into Alternative rock, and I’ve honestly never really listened to anything else. A few years ago, I got an internship at an indie music club/venue in San Francisco called Popscene. Specifically, I am a “Street Teamer.” In those few years I have had the amazing opportunity to discover countless awesome, off-the-radar artists (whom I will now bestow to you.)

I live in Alameda and I have a Chihuahua named Chalupa. I’m also currently working on a rap album called ‘Bre-Bres on Parade’