Lovely Lucia


The Lovely Lucy; is a Television and Radio Broadcaster at Chabot College in Hayward California. She is the Sports Assistant and the Latin/International Music Director. She’s a Co-Host in The “Classy J” show every Monday from 1pm – 3pm, as well as co-host in The “Sports Room” every Wednesday from 4:30pm-6pm, at KCRH 89.9Fm The East Bay’s Best Variety!.

She is a really lovely person BUT she can have a high temper at times if someone goes against her in anything. As many would say she has the “Latina Fire”.

She is currently studying Mass Communications Television and Radio broadcasting in sports reporting.

She has a really big passion for soccer but she likes other sports such as baseball, football, and watches WWE Monday night Raw for entertainment.

You might say Lovely Lucy is weird for liking sports a lot but Hey! Many females like doing that RIGHT!

She likes to listen to a variety of music like Latin (Mexican, Reggeaton), Pop, R&B, and Rock, etc.

Lovely Lucy is an extremely energetic person. She loves to dance, Pues es Mexicana and if you go against her in soccer you might NOT want to place a bet because she is ALLWAYS RIGHT!

If you want to contact her for any questions about Latin/International music you can do it in or if you have any sports question search for her in Twitter @KCRHsports as well as her personal twitter @LuciaCabrera99. You can follow her in Instagram @LuciaCabrera9 or Facebook @LuciaCabrera.

So don’t forget to tune in every day to KCRH 89.9Fm The East Bay’s Best Variety!