My mom used to always tell me that once I learned how to talk, I never would stop talking.
This is the story of Lindsey Mangale aka lindeezy.
I always loved talking and networking, which led me to landing a job at Facebook, where I work as a Telecommunications Technician, and from there, led me to my newfound love of communications at KCRH Radio.
KCRH Radio has opened many doors for me, including hosting my own show “The Midday Matinee”, which is every Monday, from 3pm to 6pm. Being Hayward born and raised, I embrace my inner Haywardian by discussing the interesting things that go around the bay and embracing the Bay Arean culture.
If you see a small Asian girl slapping 2Chainz from a big white truck, 99% of the time that’d be me. If not 2Chainz, it would be:
Kanye West
Lupe Fiasco
Kid Cudi

Justin Timberlake

Kendrick Lamar
Or my guilty pleasure… One Direction
Sometimes, if you’re lucky, you can catch me beatboxing and freestyling. ;D

This is me in a nutshell… but I’m allergic to nuts. 
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