D-reezy got his start in Hayward California while attending Chabot college being a part of the KCRH Radio 89.9 The East Bays Best Variety, blasting off the turn up Tuesdays and throwback Thursdays to the Bay Area! If you need that good music to get you charged through the day? D-reezy got it!

As a Californian, born-and-bred, D-reezy takes a lot of pride in his community. Teaming up with multiple community churches and schools, D-reezy, works to bring toys and food to those in need in the Bay Area via toy drives and hunger programs during November and December.
D-reezy loves music as much as he loves his family, listeners can catch D-reezy LIVE via their computers for a show time with D-reezy where he interviews some of the hottest up-and-coming bay area artists for an intimate show. D-reezy is a rare talent that electrifies the airwaves with his energy and class!