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Name is  Thomas Boots, but if you want to be simple with it call me Boots. Born in Oakland,CA on 1990, Boots move to Hayward in 1995. He attending all his life public school, but always make the best of it. In high school, he discover his true passion in music and that is ROCK. In fall of 2009 he started attending Chabot College originally for Psychology, but discover what he want to do is Radio and Television.He became apart of KCRH 89.9FM in 2011 and since than been helpful to bring new artist in all from soft/hard Rock to punk to ska and of course. heavy metal. Boots been helpful to local promoters to help  promote local bands and putting up local rock show in the bay area where people manage to have fun and have a good time. Boots started on the radio show call Into The Pit with his co-host Rasveer, but since than gain new co-host such as TC and Tuley. He also had a show call Danger Club of The Pits with Miss Tammy where the show been feature on ABC news.If you like to check out Boots with his co host TC, check them out every Tuesday night 9:00 PM to Midnight where we play your favorite Hard Rock/ Heavy Metal here on KCRH 89.9FM The East Bay Best Variety

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